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Breast Feeding

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» Special Situations and Breastfeeding
Some babies are born with conditions that may interfere with or make breastfeeding more difficult

» How to bring the baby to the breast
Use proper positioning for baby's mouth and when holding baby

» Breastfeeding Mothers - Self Care
Daily food guide, working outside the home, breast pumps and more

» Breastfeeding Your Baby
How it's done, positioning and attachment, one side or tw, how to express and more

» Breastfeeding Tips

» Storing Breast Milk

» How To Know If Your Baby Is Getting Enough Milk
You can tell your baby is getting enough milk by keeping track of the number of wet and dirty diapers.

» Benefits of Breastfeeding
Health, Emotional, and Societal Benefits

» Breastfeeding Positions
Here are some positions in which you can hold your baby while breastfeeding.

» Coping With Breastfeeding Challenges
Some women breastfeed without problems. But for many women, it is natural for minor problems to arise at first, especially if it is their first time breastfeeding

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