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Baby Shower Games

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» Blind Diaper Game
All you need is a baby doll and some diapers and a stop watch or clock for this game

» New Name Game
Write down names of items that the mother-to-be will use after she has the baby

» Potato Drop Game
You will need an empty jar and a potato that will fit through the opening of the jar

» Nursery Rhyme Lines
Gather all the guests and have the party host recite one line from a popular nursery rhyme

» Baby Name Boggle
Give each guest a piece of paper with the baby's name written at the top

» Play Dough Babies
For this game you will need to give each guest a can of play dough.

» Baby Bottle Chug
Get a four ounce baby bottle for each guest at the party

» Baby Food Taste Testers
Get 5 to 10 different types of baby food

» Pillow Talk
Have the guests write down the comments that the mother-to-be makes as she opens her gifts

» Baby's Portrait
Give each guest a paper plate and a crayon

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