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Communications: Question #
What does the "W" and "D" stand for in "WD-1" Wire?
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1 .
What does SOI stand for?
2 .
What does the SOI provide?
3 .
What Field Manual covers Tactical Single-Channel Radio Communications Techniques?
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What percent of slack should you allow when laying WD1 wire?
5 .
Which means of communication is least secure?
6 .
What are five methods of communication?
7 .
Which means of communication is most secure?
8 .
What is COMSEC?
9 .
What is OPSEC?
10 .
List 5 factors that affect the range of radio equipment?
11 .
What does NCS stand for?
12 .
What does MIJI stand for?
13 .
What is the range of a TA-1 field phone?
14 .
How many volts are in a TA-1 field phone when squeezed?
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What is the maximum effective distance of a TA-312 field phone in wet and dry climates?
16 .
What does CB, LB, and CBS stand for on a TA-312 field phone?
17 .
BA30 batteries should be installed how, in a TA-312 field phone?
18 .
What is WD-1?
19 .
What does the "W" and "D" stand for in "WD-1" Wire?
20 .
How deep should you dig when laying WD1 wire under hard-packed dirt roads?
21 .
How deep should you dig WD1 wire in loose or sandy soil?
22 .
How much WD1 wire is on a donut roll (MX306)?
23 .
How much WD1 wire is on a DR8 reel?
24 .
How far beyond each side of the road should wire be buried?
25 .
WD1 wire must be how high above a road crossing?
26 .
How much tape should you use when taping a splice?
27 .
What device is used to enter FH (Frequency Hop) Data info into the SINCGARS?
28 .
What do the letters AN and PRC stand for?
29 .
What is an AN/PRC-68?
30 .
What is the first thing you do before sending a radio message?