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Training The Force: Question #
____________ is the range of proficiency within which a unit is capable of executing its wartime METL tasks.
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Questions in this topic: Training The Force

1 .
What Army Field Manual is called "Training The Force"?
2 .
What is meant by performance oriented training?
3 .
What is the Army's number one priority?
4 .
The Army Time Management System is composed of what three phases?
5 .
Training is ______ we do, not ___________ we do.
6 .
What is training?
7 .
What is the OPTEMPO of an organization?
8 .
What are the types of evaluations and their differences?
9 .
What does realistic training inspire?
10 .
To accomplish their training responsibility, list three of the six things that commanders must do.
11 .
An AAR is not called what?
12 .
What is the goal of combat level training?
13 .
What are the three types of training plans?
14 .
Who is responsible for maintaining all assigned equipment in a high state of readiness in support of training or combat employment?
15 .
What does evaluation of training measure?
16 .
What does multiechelon training allow?
17 .
What is force integration?
18 .
What is battle focus and what does it do?
19 .
What does realistic training require?
20 .
What does AAR stand for and what does it provide?
21 .
What does the term METL stand for?
22 .
What are the codes used to rate task proficiency?
23 .
What are the five primary inputs to METL development?
24 .
Who stated, "The best form of welfare for the troops is first class training, for this saves unnecessary casualties"?
25 .
What does MILES stand for?
26 .
In regards to preparation for training, what do pre-execution checks cover?
27 .
List three of the seven things that training plans will do, if they are properly developed.
28 .
What are the four parts that the AAR consists of?
29 .
Evaluation can be done in what ways.?
30 .
What ten objectives have to be accomplished by senior leaders to help ensure effective training?