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Drill and Ceremony: Question #
What are the 4 rest positions that can be given at the halt?
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1 .
What are the three marching steps used in drill?
2 .
What FM covers Drill and Ceremony?
3 .
What is a review?
4 .
What are two prescribed formations for platoons?
5 .
What is the primary purpose of drill (drill and ceremony)?
6 .
What are the 4 rest positions that can be given at the halt?
7 .
What is the primary value of ceremonies?
8 .
What is a rank?
9 .
What foot is your leading foot?
10 .
What is the only command given from "Inspection Arms"?
11 .
What is an element?
12 .
When marching, who is the only person in a platoon that is never out of step?
13 .
What is a file?
14 .
If you were marching a squad, when would you give the command "squad halt"?
15 .
What is a formation?
16 .
After weapons have been issued to a unit and all other soldiers have fallen in with their weapons, what is the next command that you should give?
17 .
While passing the colors or while the colors are passing you, when is the hand salute rendered?
18 .
How many steps per minute is quick time?
19 .
How many steps per minute is double time?
20 .
What command is given to reverse the direction of a march?
21 .
From what position are all stationary movements given?
22 .
On what foot would you give the command "Mark time march"?
23 .
What is cover?
24 .
How do you measure a "step"?
25 .
What is depth?
26 .
What is the interval between the preparatory command and the command of execution?
27 .
What are the two parts of most drill command?
28 .
How many steps does each rank take when a platoon is given the command of Open Ranks?
29 .
What are the 5 types of commands in a drill?
30 .
What position is the unit guidon once a preparatory command is given?