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Geneva Convention: Question #
As a POW, what is the only information you are required to give?
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1 .
Which DA PAM covers the Geneva Convention?
2 .
What documents must POWs be allowed to keep upon capture?
3 .
What publication governs the rights and obligations for POWs under the Geneva Convention?
4 .
How many nations were initially represented at the first drafting of the Geneva Convention?
5 .
There are four (4) international agreements that were written at the same time dealing with the treatment of POWs. What are they known as?
6 .
True or False. The United States was the country where the Geneva Convention was written.
7 .
When did the Geneva Convention come into force for the United States?
8 .
What is the maximum non-judicial punishment that may be imposed upon a POW for minor offenses?
9 .
If no POW of commissioned officer rank is present in a prisoner group, how often and by what means do prisoners choose their spokesman or representative?
10 .
How many articles govern the Geneva Convention in relation to the treatment of POWs?
11 .
Name three (3) types of work that junior enlisted prisoners may be forced to perform as described in the Geneva Convention.
12 .
If captured, who are the only personnel that are not considered POWs?
13 .
What is a capture card and what is it used for?
14 .
On what date, along with three (3) other international agreements were the Geneva Convention written?
15 .
As a POW, what is the only information you are required to give?
16 .
As POWs, what types of work may noncommissioned officers be required to perform?
17 .
What does the Geneva Convention recognize as the main duty of a POW?
18 .
What disciplinary action will be enforced if a member of the U.S. Armed Forces deliberately violates the Geneva Convention?
19 .
In 1785, a treaty was drafted with the Kingdom of Prussia and is considered the first agreement concerning wartime. Who was it drafted by and for what reason?
20 .
Under the Geneva Convention, who is the only one that may determine whether a person is entitled to be a POW or not?
21 .
True or False. POWs are required to salute the enemy camp commander if he is not an officer.