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Counseling: Question #
What is communications?
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1 .
What are some techniques leaders may use during the directive approach to counseling?
2 .
What Field Manual covers counseling?
3 .
What are the characteristics of effective counseling
4 .
What are the three approaches to counseling?
5 .
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Directive counseling.
6 .
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Non-Directive counseling.
7 .
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Combined counseling.
8 .
What are the three major categories of developmental counseling?
9 .
What are some examples of Event counseling?
10 .
What areas would you cover in a reception and integration counseling?
11 .
What are the 4 stages of the Counseling Process?
12 .
What are the steps required to prepare for counseling?
13 .
A counseling session consists of what 4 basic components?
14 .
What is counseling?
15 .
What are some counseling techniques leaders may explore during the nondirective or combined counseling approaches?
16 .
How many human needs are there?
17 .
What is tact?
18 .
What is the objective of counseling?
19 .
What are the 7 steps to problem solving?
20 .
What is communications?
21 .
Faulty communications causes most problems. True or false?
22 .
Leaders should seek to develop and improve what three leader counseling skills?
23 .
To insure that they understand the message sent to them, the receiver should send what back to the transmitter?
24 .
What are the qualities of an effective counselor?
25 .
In communications, your exchange of information has three important parts. What are they?
26 .
Name some good conditions that make for good discipline
27 .
What course of action should a supervisor take when a subordinate has been performing below his/her usual standards?
28 .
What are the stresses that influence behavior?
29 .
By neglecting the welfare of your Soldiers, you will probably do what?
30 .
What form is used for counseling?