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How Do I Transfer My Chapter 33 GI Bill to a Different School?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: How do I transfer my Chapter 33 GI Bill over to a new school. I was at Shoreline Community College in Everett Washington, now I need it for Everest College in Everett Washington.

A:  Just send in a new VA Form 22-1990, if you are a veteran; use VA Form 22-1990e, if you are a dependent using transferred benefits. Either form can be submitted electronically via the VONAPP website, or by downloading the form (form for veterans) (form for dependents with transferred benefits), and sending it in according to the instructions on the form.

Everest College is on the VA-Approved list of schools, but make sure your course is covered by your GI Bill before you transfer schools. I ran into this once before where a school had both IHL and Non-Degree lists on the VA-Approved Schools Website but because the course was listed under the Non-Degree side, instead of the IHL side, the VA wouldn’t approve the servicemember’s application use his Post 9/11 GI Bill for a Pharmacy Technician course.

According to the VA rules his non-degree course should have been covered because it was being taught at a school that also teaches degree-producing programs, but for some reason they wouldn’t approve his request. I would hate to see you fall into that same trap. Contact the VA and ask first.

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