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Do I Still Have the GI Bill If I Last Used It Fourteen Years Ago?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: Do I still qualify for the old MGIB if I only used if for two years?  I ask because, I’m wondering if having to stop your college training to raise a family being a single father would be a justifiable reason for the gov’t to allow a vet to reapply, even if it has been over fourteen years since I’ve been in school.  If so, who do I contact and if not can my children use what was left?

No, your MGIB would have expired either fourteen or ten years ago, depending on when you enlisted.  Raising a family as a single parent probably would not qualify you for an extension of your Montgomery GI Bill benefits. The VA usually will only extend a delimiting date in three  situations:

  • having an illness or temporary disability that prevented you from attending school (which requires supporting medical documentation);
  • detained by a foreign power;
  • called back to active duty.

Other than these three, most other reasons will not be approved.

Because the MGIB doesn’t have a dependent transfer option, you can’t transfer it to your children, and even if it did, because your Montgomery GI Bill is expired, there is nothing left to transfer. Sorry.

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