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Use to send timely information on status of oil, hazardous material, or hazardous waste spill that could have immediate environmental and/or health effects. Sent IAW unit SOPs and commander's direction. NOTE: Spill reporting and reportable quantities are mandated by federal law.

LINE 1 -- DATE AND TIME______________________________(DTG)

LINE 2 -- UNIT________________________________________(Unit Making Report)

LINE 3 -- DATE/TIME __________________________________(DTG of Spill Discovery)

LINE 4 -- MATERIAL___________________________________(Material Spilled)

LINE 5 -- QUANTITY___________________________________(Quantity of Spilled Material)

LINE 6 -- LOCATION___________________________________(UTM or Six-Digit Grid Coordinate With MGRS Grid Zone Designator) of Spill)

LINE 7 -- CAUSE ______________________________________(Cause and Supervising Unit)

LINE 8 -- SIZE ________________________________________(Size of Affected Area)

LINE 9 -- DAMAGE____________________________________(Damage to the Natural Environment (if required))

LINE 10 -- HAZARDS___________________________________(Hazards to Friendly Forces and/or Civilian Personnel)

LINE 11- ACTIONS_____________________________________(Summary of Actions Taken)

LINE 12 -- UNIT POC___________________________________(Supervising Unit POC)

LINE 13 -- ASSISTANCE________________________________(Assistance Required/ Requested)

LINE 14 -- NARRATIVE_________________________________(Free Text for Additional Information Required for Clarification of Report)

LINE 15 -- AUTHENTICATION___________________________(Report Authentication)