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Intel and Security

Antiterrorism Level I Refresher Training» Antiterrorism Level I Refresher Training

SF 312 NonDisclosure Briefing» SF 312 NonDisclosure Briefing
Background SF312, Nondisclosure Agreement, Nature of Classified Information, Classification of Information, Derivative Classification, Marking of Classified Information, Protection of Classified Information

Marking Classified Documents» Marking Classified Documents

Terrorism 101 Class» Terrorism 101 Class
Become familiar with the nature of terrorist threat. Vulnerability of military personnel and dependents to terrorist acts. Personal protective measures that can be employed to prevent such acts.

Report Intel using SALUTE report» Report Intel using SALUTE report
Submit your observations in a spot report, using the SALUTE format to your chain of command within 5 minutes of observing the enemy activity

Process Captured Material» Process Captured Material

Protect Classified Information and Materiel» Protect Classified Information and Materiel


Implement OPSEC Measures» Implement OPSEC Measures