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Airway Management

Assess for Airway Obstruction! Improve/Establish Airway Through Maneuvers. Remove Debris/Suction. Airway Adjuncts:

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Upper Airway

Lower Airway
(Mechanics of Respiration)

Airway Management

Assess for Airway Obstruction!

Difficulty breathing

Patient conduct (anxious, combative)

Abnormal sounds

Improve/Establish Airway Through Maneuvers

Chin lift

Jaw thrust

Remove Debris/Suction

Airway Adjuncts:

Nasal airway (Primary)

Oral airway

Airway Obstruction

The most common obstruction is from a prolapsed tongue!


Airway Obstruction

Blood Clots, Teeth

Soft Tissue & Bones


Position of Head

Head Injury

Improve/Establish Airway

Chin Lift Method


Improve/Establish Airway

Jaw Thrust Method

Remove Debris and Suction

Nasopharyngeal Airway

Nasopharyngeal Airway

Lubricate !

Insert along floor of nasal cavity

If resistance met, use back-and forth motion

Don't Force - Use other nostril

If patient gags, withdraw slightly

Oral Pharyngeal Airway

Oral Pharyngeal Airway


Confirm patient is unconscious

Insert, rotate 180 degrees as inserting