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» CBRN offers combat survival training
The purpose of the course was to qualify both active-duty and Reserve Soldiers with the knowledge necessary to perform the additional duties of CBRN officers and NCOs at the company and detachment levels

» Behnkendorf and Howd named 2006 Drill Sgt. Of the Year
The skills a drill sergeant had to demonstrate during the competition included their ability to instruct and also perform the Warrior Tasks and drills that they teach young Soldiers

» Detainee training center opens gates
Soldiers now will have a week of training in detainee operations including classroom small group practical exercises and the actual running of the entire facility

» Army streamlines service uniforms to one blue Army Service Uniform
Many Soldiers already own an Army blue uniform (now to be called the Army Service Uniform) and may continue to wear it.

» Soldiers may be reimbursed for protective gear
There is no need anymore for Soldiers to purchase protective equipment on their own

» New equipment helping wounded Soldiers in Iraq
Anticipating what materiel the Army's medical professionals need before they deploy is one of the missions of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command

» New technology helps recovering Soldiers
The "Thin Client" system, first introduced in 2005, was created by Information Technology Systems for the purposes of e-learning, video communications and entertainment

» Program preps recruits for basic training
The recently restructured program sees the recruits through three phases

» Army announces 2 installations to support Basic Officer Leader Course

» Loose blogs may blow up BCTs
Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker tells troops to use the Internet responsibly in a videotaped message on Operations Security.

» Army releases game-based training tool - SLIM ES3
The simulation immerses Soldiers into scenario-driven events to teach and evaluate a Soldier's knowledge regarding the essential tactics

» Recruit loses 230 pounds to enlist in Army
Pvt. Roderick Evans carries a picture of himself at 418 pounds to remind himself to never give up.

» November: Military Family Appreciation Month
Throughout our history, the steadfast support of military families has always been a source of inspiration

» ACUs to be sold early '06, until then beware knockoffs
Army officials are warning Soldiers against buying imitation Army Combat Uniforms

» SMA advises top Afghan NCOs
SMA Preston's visit corresponded with the ANA Corps Commanders Conference.

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