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ArmyStudyGuide.com gets overhauled


It has been years since the ArmyStudyGuide.com site was last redesigned. Since it's inception back in 1999, ArmyStudyGuide.com has had only 3 minor upgrades to the style of the site. ArmyStudyGuide.com is now in the process of being redesigned from the ground up. Thousands of dollars have been spent on the upgrade to increase the usefulness of the site for the end user, the Soldier.

The discussion forum that was previously used on the site required constant security updates to be applied to ensure that the information was secure and to limit threat from hackers. ArmyStudyGuide.com is implementing a new Community Discussion System which includes not only a more secure and reliable platform, but also implements a much requested feature, chat.

The new Content Management System serving the pages of this site allows for select subject matter experts to be added as writers so that they can submit content directly to the site with very little wasted time. These volunteers help to ensure that the content of the site is accurate and relevant.

After many different tests by randomly selected users, the new design of the site was chosen based on the ease of use and faster loading page times. All testers agreed that the site was a big improvement over the old site.

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