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Up In The Morning #3

Created by: blakkat

up in the morning before the break of day
i dont like it no way
i eat my breakfast too damn soon
hungry as a nasty leg, by noon

went to the mess sgt on my knees
"fat daddy fat daddy feed me please"
bread was moldy and the meat was fat
ya know damn well that i cant eat that!!

fat daddy said with a big old grin
"if ya wanna be airborne ya gotta be thin
so get on down and knock out 10"

so i got on down
and i knocked them out
then i jumped back up
and i started to shout

"ya got a big ol' gut
and a big ol' butt
ya never do PT
ya never look like me"

"so fry me an egg
because ya run outta luck
im bout to hop that grill
and i'll f*** you up"

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