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Created by: Robert Shano

We're Uncle Sammy's nephews,

Standin' tall and proud.

We like our beer and whiskey,

And love to sing out loud.

We'll fight against the hadjis,

On any foreign shore.

We'll kill a hundred thousand,

And then we'll kill some more.

Hi-dee, di-tee, Bruce Almighty,

Who the heck are we?

Wham, bamm, we're Uncle Sam's,

Airborne Infantry.

We are the sons of Custer,

Raiders in the night.

Dirty little devils,

Who love to cuss and fight.

We'll grab the farmer's daughter,

And toss her off the pier.

We'll swim right up against her,

And nibble on her ear.


The eagle is our brother,

Symbol of our land.

When we go into battle,

He's there to lend a hand.

He gives us inspiration,

He gives us courage too.

Mess with our dear brother,

We're coming after you.


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