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O'Hail, O'Hail

Created by: Alex

O' Hail, O' Hail, O' Infantry
How do you spell "11B"
You couldn't pass your S.A.T.
The Queen of Battle Infantry

O' Hail, O' Hail, O' Army Cook
I wonder how many lives you took
I want to eat but I don't wanna look
The finest US Army Cook

O' Hail, O' Hail, O' M.I. Corps
The battle starts and you're out the door
Fighting is something that you'll ignore
The US Army M.I. Corps

O' Hail, O' Hail, O' Army Medic
I came to you with a raging headache
Your Motrine wonder-drug is a relic
I.V. and bandages -- Army Medic

O' Hail, O' Hail, O' M.P.
Why do you keep harrassing me
Yes, you are tough this I can see
Coffee and donuts -- M.P.

O' Hail, O' Hail, Artillery
Why do your shells keep hitting me?
You shoot at things that you can't even see
The "Lock and Load" - Artillery

O' Hail, O' Hail, O' Army Clerk
Your playing games and avoiding work
This mile of paperwork you shirk
Solitare Ranger -- Army Clerk

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