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King of Battle (101st Airborne Version)

Created by: DS Jesse Hamilton

Up in the morning outta the rack
Greeted at dawn by an early attack
1SG rushes me off to chow
Hell I don't eat it anyhow

(Chorus) Oh hail oh hail artillery
The King of Battle follow me
Oh Air Assault's the life for me
Cause nothin in this world is free

From a Blackhawk in the sky
All will jump and some will die
Off to battle we will go
To live or die hell I don't know


Now Screaming Eagles learn to fly
And it's true that some of us will die
But not today as I hit the ground
Lock and load another round


Two to the chest and one to the head
To make sure that damn Iraqi is dead
He better be damn glad that he died
He's hate for me to take him alive


Over the hill some men I've seen
Head to toe in Army green
Moving quick without a sound
Five O Deuce is on the ground


Guns of Glory are in place
The enemy unaware of his fate
Artillery pounds and Apaches roar
Again the Screaming Eagles score


Now it's true that someday I'll be dead
But before I go I'll take more heads
When the enemy sees us they'll disperse
Cause we're the mighty 101st

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