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Created by: SPC Escamilla

(Chorus) Lowrider lowrider left right left - Singin lowrider lowrider get in step

Mama told Johnny not to go downtown
There were too many airborne recruiters around
But Johnny didn't listen and he went anyway
He shipped for the Army the very next day


Johnny had a girl and her name was Carrie
She was happy cuz they planned to marry
But Johnny wanted to live the life of danger
And wear the black beret of the airborne ranger


Johnny jumped in to Vietnam
Cuz he wanted to kill the Viet Cong
Johnny jumped on a hand grenade
To save the lives of the friends he made


Now Johnny didn't know it but he was a father
He gave his son the Medal of Honor
Johnny came home in a flag drapped coffin
The bugle was playin and the tears were droppin

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