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Far Away (MP Style)

Created by: Pv2 Frederick Phoenix

Around the desert i drove a tan HMMMVVV
I drove in the desert when it was hot as hell
And if you ask me why the hell i drove it
Because i singed up.
I singed up
Yes My Retarted Ass Signed Up,
I signed up and they sent me far away.

In the mIddle of desert I jumped out the back of good to go airplane.
And if you asked me why the hell i did it.
I do it for the keg, I get with my jump pay.
I signed Up
I singed Up
Yes My retarded ASS Signed Up
And got sent away

I'm pulling gaurd in the hot ass desert.
ANd if you asked me why the hell i'm out here
Becuase the country is dry
and i was in my hoouch getting shit faced
I signed up
Yes I singed up
My Retarded Ass SIgned
And got sent far far away

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