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Don't Know

Created by: dennis lypen

i don't know what i been told.
the army life is tuff and hard for me
sound of
(1) hush
(2) quiet
(3) we are in war now
(4) so lets go on a head now and count all over again one more time
(1,2,3,4) quiet
but we don't know what we were told
we are airborne rangers
please don't shoot me there an't a way you can beat me cause we are
am i right
(females say wrong)and (men say right after females)
there is nothing left for us. can you agree?
(yes we do)
what huh
isn't that right we are un stoppable force cause we are the one the
deadly (usa scorpions trogans)(jrotc,rotc,,army or ect...)we are number 1

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