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Band of Brothers

Created by: R. Shano

Above the land,

Across the sea,

We're everywhere,

We need to be.

We're brothers of,

A special kind,

A better band,

You'll never find.

Band of brothers,

That's what we are,

Fighting evil,

Near and far.

Band of brothers,

That's what I said,

Baptized by fire,

Scarred by lead.

We're lean and mean,

And fit to fight,


Day or night.

When bullets fly,

And rockets fall,

We'll stand our ground,

And give our all.

We're on the move,

We're on the march,

We're diggin' ditches,

And breakin' starch.

When you hear,

Our battle cry,

You better move,

And step aside.

Band of brothers,

That's what we said,

Mess with us,

We'll shoot you dead.

Band of brothers,

Trained to kill,

If we don't getcha,

Our sisters will.

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