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Senior Network Plans NCO

Developmental counseling statement sample covering Senior Network Plans NCO
Created by: SGM John L. Murray

Possible topics to discuss during counseling:

  • Close out last quarter's counseling (Assessment Section of DA Form 4856)
  • Plans, directs, supervises and manages the installation, operation, and maintenance of a telecommunication system network
  • Coordinates the resolution of communication difficulties within Army operated Signal systems and networks, and between Army, Joint, Defense, and commercial telecommunications activities
  • Develops and enforces unit level Signal maintenance programs, policies and procedures
  • Plans and coordinates logistic support for C4I network operations
  • Provides advice and technical assistance to commanders and subordinate units/elements
  • Performs Signal staff functions and coordinates Signal activities with higher, lower, and adjacent headquarters
  • Prepares and maintains reports, records, and operational databases used to conduct Signal support functions in both tactical and strategic environments
  • Manages the plans section that controls the operation of telecommunication system network in a field and garrison environment
  • Prepares tactical map boards, overlays, and communication system status boards
  • Manages the operation, maintenance, and security of COMSEC equipment
  • Manages system troubleshooting in a telecommunication system network
  • Manages the activation and reliability of circuits/links
  • Inspects emergency destruction plans
  • Inspects physical security of facilities
  • Manages a publications library
  • Manages the maintenance of files and correspondence
  • Inspects the daily operation of the section for efficiency
  • Prepares shift schedules
  • Develops and ensures compliance with policy and procedures for all types of communication operational environments
  • Verifies telecommunication service request (TSR) for Army, Joint, Defense or commercial activities
  • Disseminates TSOs to subordinate shifts, assemblages or stations
  • Establish and maintain liaison with supported and supporting activities or units
  • Directs restoration and alternate routing of circuits, trunks, links and systems
  • Develops frequency operational requirements and telecommunication service request
  • Allocates equipment for operations or other special missions/exercises
  • Advises superiors on capabilities and limitations of communication equipment
  • Write or interpret operation orders, policy letters and standing operating procedures
  • Presents an operation or information brief
  • Ensure compliance with security regulations governing communication equipment, COMSEC, and automated data processing (ADP) equipment
  • Coordinate logistical support for day to day operations
  • Establish technical, operational, and maintenance training programs for subordinate personnel
  • Responsible for the accountability, training, health, welfare and morale of subordinate personnel
  • Disseminates operation information to subordinates to ensure C2 communications connectivity
  • Assimilates and reports system/network statistics
  • Uses automated data processing equipment (desktop computer) to process operational and administrative information
  • Check for the activation and reliability of communications circuits/links
  • Inspect electronic counter-countermeasures
  • Plan, coordinate and input telecommunication information into an operations order
  • Participates in community/post activities
  • Encourages subordinates to enroll in college courses, correspondence courses, etc
  • Proficient on all tactical and technical skills
  • Looks for better ways to accomplish the mission
  • Develops challenging training to encourage the development of all soldiers
  • Responsible for the accountability, training, health, welfare and morale of subordinate personnel
  • Enforce and maintain standards on established Army and unit training programs--APFT, CTT, weapons qualification, weight control, etc
  • Enforce and maintain Army Value standards
  • Counsel subordinates on professional growth and performance counseling
  • Perform additional or appointed duties

Short Term Goal:

  • College Courses
  • Promotion-update DA Photo and personnel records
  • Upcoming exercises/missions, unit inspections

Long Term Goals:

  • Sergeant Major
  • Command Sergeant Major
  • Brigade Operations Sergeant

Below is a space for you to list additional topics that may apply uniquely to your situation:

Possible Plan of Action: (Person counseled develops plan with counselor's guidance.)

  • Review daily operation procedures of the section and look for ways to improve efficiency
  • Develop a continuity book on all Signal planning activities
  • Inspect training to ensure section can accomplish its mission
  • Inspect COMSEC equipment during operation to ensure proper procedures are being followed
  • Review how the section performs during the normal duty day in a garrison and field environment
  • Ensure map boards and communication network boards reflect current and accurate information
  • Inspect equipment to ensure proper accountability and serviceability is being maintained
  • Coordinate with supported unit to establish a good working relationship
  • Review and counsel subordinates as required
  • Develop training programs that will increase the level of proficiency of all soldiers
  • Develop a good working relationship with all subordinates, superiors, civilians, etc
  • Provide subordinates with philosophy, standards and goals expected
  • Maintain leader book on subordinate personnel

Possible Leader's Responsibilities: (This is only an example for you to use as a guide.)

  • Provide soldier with philosophy and goals expected
  • Talk daily about what is going right and what is going wrong
  • Provide soldier with a copy of all SOPs and policy letters
  • Provide soldier with short/long term calendars
  • Provide soldier with required resources to conduct training and operations
  • Inspect installation, operation, maintenance, and management of the planning section in the garrison and field environment