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Patriot UHF Team Chief

Developmental counseling statement sample covering Patriot UHF Team Chief
Created by: SGM John L. Murray

Possible topics to discuss during counseling:

  • Close out last quarter's counseling (Assessment Section of DA Form 4856)
  • Implement electronic counter-counter measures for radio systems
  • Supervise deployment, installation, operation, maintenance, and redeployment procedures for the Patriot UHF Radio Terminal
  • Supervise deployment, installation, operation, maintenance, and redeployment procedures for Secure Single-Channel Ground and Airborne Radio Systems
  • Supervise deployment, installation, operation, maintenance, and redeployment procedures for Antenna Systems AB-1309/G, AB-1373/TRC, AB-1339/G/1340/G, or OE-254/GRC
  • Supervise deployment, installation, operation, maintenance, and redeployment procedures for diesel generator sets
  • Restore system outages in a UHF radio transmission network
  • Supervise and perform unit level maintenance on Precision Lightweight Global Positioning System Receiver
  • Prepare a sight layout for UHF radio transmission system in a field environment
  • Perform operation, maintenance, and security procedures for COMSEC equipment
  • Perform troubleshooting procedures for the UHF radio transmission system
  • Check for the activation and reliability of circuits
  • Prepare emergency destruction plan
  • Perform station/net operations
  • Supervise preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) on all assigned equipment
  • Prepare shift schedules and perform shift work as required by the operation
  • Brief superiors on capabilities and limitations of the Patriot UHF radio system
  • Interpret operation orders, policy letters and standing operating procedures (SOP)
  • Ensure compliance with security regulations governing communication equipment, COMSEC, and automated data processing (ADP) equipment
  • Request logistical and maintenance support for day to day operations
  • Enforce and maintain standards on established Army and unit training programs--APFT, CTT, weapons qualification, weight control, etc
  • Enforce and maintain Army Value standards
  • Perform additional or appointed duties

Short Term Goal:

  • Attain ASI-WHCA Console Control OPS (J7) and Master Fitness (P5)
  • College Courses
  • Promotion-correspondence courses, improve APFT score, raise marksmanship
  • Raise APFT score
  • Air Assault School
  • Upcoming exercises/missions, unit inspections

Long Term Goals:

  • Platoon Sergeant
  • Operations Sergeant
  • Drill Sergeant/Recruiter

Below is a space for you to list additional topics that may apply uniquely to your situation:

Possible Plan of Action: (Person counseled develops plan with counselor's guidance.)

  • Inspect DA 5988 (PMCS) on all assigned equipment for maintenance status
  • Maintain proficiency on communication system equipment assigned by getting thoroughly involved with the units daily mission
  • Perform installation and operation crew drills during SGTs Time
  • Maintain equipment accountability/serviceability for future exercises/missions
  • Review unit's policy letters and SOPs
  • Maintain COMSEC compliance measures
  • Go to gym to improve APFT score
  • Discuss communication operations with peers to gain additional knowledge or better ideas to accomplish the unit's mission
  • Input training needs to superiors to maintain proficiency in technical and tactical skills

Possible Leader's Responsibilities: (This is only an example for you to use as a guide.)

  • Provide soldier with all current DA-5988s on all assigned equipment
  • Provide soldier with a copy of all SOPs and policy letters
  • Provide soldier with short/long term calendars
  • Provide soldier with required resources to conduct training and operations
  • Provide soldier with manuals and supervision to improve radio communication operations
  • Provide soldier with the proper leadership to get promoted to the next higher grade