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Battalion Commander

Developmental counseling statement sample covering Battalion Commander

Possible topics to discuss during counseling:

  • Review/discuss job description, area(s) of special emphasis, additional duties, and Army Values.
  • Discuss Leader Philosophy, command climate and team building responsibilities
  • Discuss responsibility to mentor and counsel subordinates
  • Discuss expectations in job performance and military bearing
  • Discuss personal and organizational goals-short and long term
  • Discuss Command Accountability/ Standards
  • Discuss unit's mission and METL
  • Review near term training plan, deployments and other readiness issues
  • Discuss key Command policies and SOPs
  • Discuss Rating chain/Counselors support form
  • Discuss issues of immediate importance to the command.

Below is a space for you to list additional topics that may apply uniquely to your situation:

Possible Plan of Action: (Person counseled develops plan with counselor's guidance.)

Possible Leader's Responsibilities: (This is only an example for you to use as a guide.)

  • Provide copies of your support form, command policies and SOPs
  • Provide your interpretation of the subordinates job description, additional duties and required standards of conduct
  • Provide your assessment of the unit, it's training status, strengths and weaknesses and personnel assessment
  • Provide clear and unambiguous guidance to the subordinate
  • Mentor the subordinate
  • Set a date for a courtesy command inspection
  • Set time/date for the next counseling
  • Based on the agreed action plan, identify and fulfill your requirements to the subordinates development