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Developmental counseling statement sample covering overweight Soldier (Army Weight Control Program)

Counseling Sample For:

  • Overweight

Possible Key Points To Discuss During Counseling:

  • Weight and tape standards per AR 600-9
  • The impact on the soldier's career for failing the Army's weight standards
  • Flagging action placed on the soldier and it's impact
  • Placed in the unit's overweight physical fitness program
  • Medical screening
  • Nutrition Class
  • Monthly weigh-in Consequences of failing to meet the standards of successful progress in losing weight while on the overweight program

Possible Plans of Action:

  • Get enrolled in the unit's overweight physical fitness program
  • Attend the Nutrition class
  • Use the advise from the Nutrition class for a diet and sticking with the diet
  • Weigh in every two to three days to monitor weight loss
  • Inform the chain-of-command of any medical problems that may come up

Possible Leader Responsibilities:

  • Enroll the soldier in the unit's overweight program
  • Flag soldier for overweight
  • Schedule the soldier for a medical screening
  • Schedule the soldier for a Nutrition class
  • Monitor the soldier's progress and weigh soldier every 30 days
  • Do PT with the soldier to give him/her moral support