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Escape the Rear Mount

Body Positioning Moves Basic Ground Fighting Techniques

Escape the Rear Mount. This technique begins with the fighter face down and the enemy on the fighter's back in the rear mount.

(1) Step 1. The fighter must first roll over one shoulder so the enemy ends up underneath him, both facing skyward.

Escape the rear mount., step 1.

(2) Step 2. He now places one arm beside his own ear as shown and the other across his body in his armpit. This will prevent the enemy from securing a choke.

Escape the rear mount. step 2.

(3) Step 3. Falling toward the side of his own raised arm, the fighter pushes himself toward his own shoulders using the ground to "scrape " the enemy off his back.

Escape the rear mount, step 3.

(4) Step 4. Once his back is on the ground, the fighter uses his arms and legs to step over and gain the mount.

Escape the rear mount, step 4.

Escape the rear mount, step 4 (continued).