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Most Common Errors on a Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report (NCOER)

This document contains information that identifies the most common errors found on noncommissioned officer evaluation reports.

Report Section


 Part I. Administrative Data
  • Missing unit telephone number
  • Missing unit UIC
  • Missing tour type (for example, IRR, IMA, AGR or TPU)
  • Missing a reason for submission (not IAW AR 623-205 Table 5-1)
  • Non- or partially complete blocks l & m
 Part II. Rating Officials
  • Signed in non-black ink
  • Missing signature(s)
  • Signed in wrong signature block
  • Signatures dated within the rating period
  • Missing reviewer's concur or noncur "X"
  • No enclosure if nonconcur is "X"
 Part III. Counseling Dates
  • Counsel dates missing
  • Date of counseling not within rating period
  • Date in incorrect format (must be YYMMDD)
  • Initial counseling not conducted within 30 days of the new report period
 Part IV.
  • Missing an "X" in blocks
  • Missing bullet comments
  • Changed blocks using correction fluids
 Part IVc. Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT)
  • APFT date is outside of rating period
  • Missing fail APFT and/or Profile statements
  • Missing bullet comment if APFT block is blank
  • Listing waiver as an option
 Part Ivc Height/Weight (HT/WT)
  • Non-verified HT/WT IAW AR 600-9 Table 1
  • Missing bullet comments required for a "YES/NO"
  • Improper HT/WT entry
 Part Va.
  • Missing "X" in blocks
  • Not following guidelines for "Among the best" and "Marginal"
 Part Vb.
  • Missing the required two positions. Handwritten
 Part Ve. Mandatory Senior Rater
  • Missing required senior rater bullets when soldier meets requirements
  • Statements that include "I concur with rater"
  • Missing "senior rater does not meet minimum qualifications" when senior rater does not meet rating time requirements
 Part Vd & e
  • Missing when senior rater meets rating time qualifications
  • Erroneous APFT or HT/WT bullet comments regarding pregnant NCO's
  • Non-double-spaced bullets
  • Bullets exceed three lines in length