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Common NCOER Error Codes

Error Code Error Description
02a Encl. exceeds 1 page.
02b Type of report is wrong.
02c Report is poor quality.
02d Ending date.
02e Description of duties/counseling dates missing.
02f Rank of rater/senior rater/reviewer.
02g Date rater/senior rater/reviewer/rated NCO signed the NCO-ER is blank or wrong.
02h Rater/senior rater/rated NCO/reviewer signature is missing.
02i (Deleted).
02j Reviewer block not checked.
02k Name page 2.
02l SSN page 2.
02m THRU date page 2.
10 Part I, Block G

Complete-the-Record Report and individual not identified on zone roster(see para 3-31).

11 Part II, Block A

Rater's rank not senior to rated NCO or civilian not GS-6 or above(see para 2-5).

13 Part II, Block A

Annual (Code 2), or complete-the-record (code 4), and rater signed prior to 1st day of the month following ending month(see paras 3-8 and 3-10).

16 Part I, Block H Complete-the-Record Report and ending date incorrect for specified selection promotion board (see para 3-31).
17 Part 1, Block C

Complete-the-Record Report and rank less than SSG (see para 3-31)

18 Part IV, Block F

Relief-for-Cause Report and notification statement missing on NCO-ER and/or enclosure (see para 3-30).

20 Part III, Block A Duty title missing (see para 3-9).
21 Part III, Block B Duty   MOS missing (see para 3-9).
27 Either page 1 or 2 of NCO-ER is missing, or pages are separated.
28 Part I, Block O Invalid PSB code (see para 3-7).
29 Part IVc

Needs improvement box marked based on APFT and APFT score not provided; or excellence box is checked and bullet comment not provided (see para 3-11).

32 Part I, Block G

Complete-the-Record Report and period less than 90 rated days(see para 3-31).

33 Part I, Block B Name and/or SSN does not match enlisted master file (EMF)(see para 3-7).
34 Part I, Block H Beginning date overlaps ending date of previous report (see para 3-7).
35 Part II, Block B, Block D Senior rater/reviewer are the same and senior rater is not a general officer, officer of flag rank, or SES (see para 2-5e).
36 Part I, Block G Annual report does not cover 12 months (see para 3-27).
37 Part I, Block G Period of report less than 90 rated days and type of report not relief-for-cause or sixty-day option (see paras 3-30 and 3-33).
39 Part I, Block I Duplicate report (see paras 3-3 and 4-10).
44 Part II, Block D Reviewer MSG or MSG (P) not filling CSM/SGM billet(see para 2-6a).
47 Part I, Block H Beginning date not month following ending month of previous report(see para 3-7d).
48 Part II Box not marked and/or part IV bullet comments missing part V(see paras 3-10 and 3-13).
48a APFT/profile date after report period.
48b APFT date older than 12 months.
48c Yes/No missing from height/weight.
48d Profile statement missing.
48e Statement addressing progress in remedial PT or weight control program missing.
48f Bullets do not match box markings.
48g Blocks not checked.
48h Non-rated code missing.
48i Nonconcurrence enclosure invalid.
48j Report contains bullet comment "within body fat standards."
48k Pass/profile/fail mixture in part IVc.
49 Part II, Block A, Block B Rater and senior rater are the same, no explanation given in part Ve(see paras 3-28 and 3-30).
50 Unauthorized enclosure for relief-for-cause (see para 3-24).
51 Army rating official missing (see para 2-6d).
52 Reference made to chapter discharge, Art 15, or unproven derogatory information and punitive or administrative action on NCO-ER and or enclosure (see paras 3-17 and 3-18).
56 Reference made to pregnancy on NCO-ER and or enclosure(see para 3-12b).
57 Part II Nonconcurrence block marked and enclosure missing (see para 3-8).
58 Narrative gimmick (see para 3-16).
59 Bullet comment used more than once (see para 3-10g).
60 Part IV, Part V (a) Values/NCO responsibilities box marked needs improvement while overall performance and potential marked among the best(see para 3-13a).
61 Part I, Block G, Block I Annual report covering more than 12 months with 4 or more rated months (see para 3-27).
62 Part II, Part IV, Part V Multiple blocks marked (see paras 3-10 and 2-13).
64 Part V, Block B Rater duty assignments blank (see para 3-13b).
71 Part II, Block D Civilian reviewer not GS-9 or above (see para 2-6c).
72 Part V Senior rater bullet comments not provided for marginal, fair, or poor markings (see para 3-13d).
74 Part IV Bullets not double spaced (see para 3-10c).
75 Part IV Bullets not preceded by small "o" (see para 3-10c).
77 Part IV, Part V Bullets contain more than two lines (see para 3-10c).
78 Reference made to marital status and/or spouse (see para 3-19).
79 True copy report not signed by PSB officer (see para 3-23b)