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» M72 Study Guide

» Firing Positions for the M72 Series LAW
The M72-series LAW can be fired from either shoulder by simply reversing the instructions

» Inspecting the M72 Series LAW
Inspection is limited to a visual examination of the sealed unit

» Effects of the M136 AT4 and M72-series LAW on field fortifications or bunkers
Alternatives to give temporary advantages against field fortifications and buildings

» Operation and Function of the M72 Series LAW
Procedures on preparing the M72 Series LAW for use from FM 3-23.25

» Restore the M72 Series LAW to Carrying Configuration
If the launcher is prepared to fire, but then is not fired, it should be returned to the carrying configuration by reversing the preparation procedure.

» Misfire Procedures for the M72 Series LAW
Procedures from FM 3-23.25 for both combat and training environments