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» M60 Study Guide
M60 Army Board Study Guide

» Perform a Function Check on the M60 Machine Gun
The gunner must perform a function check to ensure that the M240B is correctly assembled

» Cleaning, Lubrication and Preventive Maintenance for the M60 Machine Gun
The gunner disassembles the M60 into its major groups for cleaning.

» Components of the M60 Machine Gun
Major Components, Sights and Safety with photos

» How to set the sights on the M60 Machine Gun for elevation and windage
Guidance from FM 3-22.68 on properly adjusting the M60 sights for elevation and windage

» Clearing procedures for the M60 Machine Gun
The first step in maintenance is to clear the weapon. This applies in all situations, not just after firing.

» Prepare an M60 Machine Gun Range Card