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Components of the M60 Machine Gun

Major Components, Sights and Safety with photos
1. Stock assembly Provides a shoulder support for aiming and firing the M60 machine gun. The stock assembly has a shoulder rest.
2. Buffer assembly Absorbs recoil from the bolt and operating rod assembly at the end of the recoil movement.
3. Bolt assembly Feeds, chambers, fires, and extracts, using the propellant gases and recoil spring for power. It houses the firing pin.
4. Operating rod assembly Transfers power from propelling gases to the bolt and slide assemblies.
5. Cover, hanger, and feed assembly Feeds linked-belt ammunition. Holds the cartridges in position for stripping, feeding, and chambering.
6. Barrel assembly Houses cartridges for firing, directs projectiles, supports fixed front sight, and provides passageway for operating gases. The bipod supports the M60 in the prone position. The telescopic legs can be adjusted to three different lengths.
7. Trigger assembly Controls the firing of the weapon.
8. Forearm assembly Provides thermal insulation to protect the gunner's hands from heat. Has a slotted top to allow air to circulate around the barrel for cooling purposes.
9. Receiver assembly Supports all assembly major components and houses the action of the weapon.
10. Rear sight assembly Adjustable for both windage and elevation allowing the gunner to make changes rapidly.
11. Cocking handle assembly Pulls the moving parts rearward. Moves in a guide rail fixed to the right side of the receiver.
12. Tripod (M122) assembly Together with the tripod, T&E mechanism, and pintle, provides a stable mount and permits a higher degree of accuracy and control.

Sights. The front sight is attached to the barrel. The rear sight is mounted on a spring-type dovetail base, and it can be folded down when the gun is moved.

Safety Lever. The safety lever is on the left side of the trigger group. It has an "S" and an "F" position. On the "S" position, the bolt cannot be pulled to the rear or released to go forward.