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Major components of the M11 Pistol

Major components / parts of the M11 Pistol

Major components of the M11 Pistol.  Major Parts of the M11 Pistol.

The major components of the M11 pistol are:

Slide and Barrel Assembly: Houses the firing pin, striker, and extractor. Cocks the hammer during recoil cycle.

Recoil Spring and Recoil Spring Guide: Absorbs recoil and returns the slide assembly to its forward position.

Barrel and Locking Block Assembly: Houses cartridge for firing, directs projectile, and locks barrel in position during firing.

Receiver: Serves as a support for all the major components. Houses action of the pistol through four major components. Controls functioning of the pistol.

Magazine: Holds cartridges in place for stripping and chambering.