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Requesting Pregnancy Home Leave

Rules and steps to request pregnancy home leave

Requesting Pregnancy Home Leave

Pregnancy home leave is a chargeable leave (ordinary, advanced, excess) requested by a soldier to return home or another place for maternity care or the birth of a child.

The unit commander is the approval authority.

Leave granted is until expected date of delivery.

Termination of leave occurs with the onset of labor or other medical necessity.

Leave extension will be granted if delivery is late.

Travel restriction "(preventing the soldiers return to her unit)" is not a basis to terminate leave.

Attachment to another installation or facility is not authorized if the purpose is to conserve leave.


Steps to request pregnancy home leave

Step Work Center Action
1 Soldier Obtain statement from attending physicia that documents existence of pregnancy, establishes estimated delivery date, and establishes estimated date after which level should not be performed.
2 Medical Explain if estimated date of restricted treatment travel is more than 6 weeks prior to facility estimated date of delivery. (MTF)
3 MTF Provide the name and location (telephone number of patient administrator if available) of MTF having administrative responsibility in the area of soldier's leave address.
4 Unit Counsel soldier that she is responsible for the expense of nonemergency maternity care received at civilian facilities unless otherwise authorized (AR 40-5, para 2-35b).
5 Unit Ensure soldier has received counseling by the local Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services adviser regarding the payment of bills attributed solely to the newborn infant (DOD 6010.8-R).
6 Soldier Complete DA Form 31, blocks 2 through 11 (chap 12 AR 600-8-10).
7 Soldier Check "other" on DA Form 31, block 7. After "other", post pregnancy home.
8 Unit Add to DA Form 31, block 17, "You must contact the patient administrator at the MTF immediately upon arrival at the designated location. If you are in an excess leave status, you are not entitled to pay and allowances for the period of excess leave. This includes entitlement to physical disability retired pay should you become disabled while in an excess leave status. Further, no leave accrues during period of excess leave".
9 CDR Approve or disapprove request.
10 Unit Change soldier's status to sick-in- hospital when soldier is admitted to the hospital for any reason (para 5-13 AR 600-8-10).
11 MTF CDR Determine and direct convalescent leave necessary for recuperation after pregnancy and childbirth (para 5-5 AR 600-8-10). Soldiers are authorized 42 days.
12 Unit Absence between end of convalescent leave and return to parent unit is chargeable leave.
13 Unit Follow leave processing procedures in paragraphs 12-1 and 12-3 AR 600-8-10.
14 BNS1 Receive DA Form 31 from unit and follow processing procedures in paragraphs 12-1 and 12-5 AR 600-8-10.

Reference: AR 600-8-10 Leaves and Passes