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Advance Leave

Rules to request advance leave, Steps to request advance leave

Rules to request advance leave

Advance leave is chargeable leave granted in anticipation of the accrual of leave during the remaining period of active duty and may be granted for:

  1. A soldier who has an emergency (chap 6 AR 600-8-10).
  2. A soldier who has an urgent personal or morale problem.
  3. Accession or PCS move (chap 7 AR 600-8-10).
  4. A pregnant soldier who desires home leave.

Advance leave is with pay and allowances, including leave accrual.

Soldiers may be granted advance leave only when accrued leave is exhausted.

Advanced leave changes to excess leave on date of separation, reenlistment, or entry into an extension of enlistment (para 5-15L AR 600-8-10).

Advance leave may be granted together with expiration of term of service (ETS) or retirement provided transition processing is not interfered with.

Leave does not accrue during periods of excess leave.

The unit commander is the approval authority for advance leave requests for up to 30 days.Requests for advanced leave in excess of 30 days must be forwarded to AHRC (TAPC-PDO-PO), 200 Stovall Street, ALEX VA 22332-0474 for approval.

To avoid excessive minus leave balances, advance leave will be limited to the minimum amount of leave needed. Further advance leave will normally be limited to the lesser of:

  1. Thirty days.
  2. The amount of leave that will be earned during the remaining period of the current tour of active duty. The current tour of active duty includes current enlistment, excluding extensions that have not become effective for enlisted soldier.
  3. While serving an extension, the amount of leave that will accrue prior to the date of separation.

Advance leave will not be granted together with excess leave authorized for soldiers-

  1. In professional degree programs.
  2. In officer procurement programs.
  3. Being processed for punitive, administrative, or disability discharge.


Steps to request advance leave


Work Center

Required Action

1 Soldier Request leave on DA Form 31, complete blocks 2 through 11 (chap 12 AR 600-8-10).
2 Soldier On DA Form 31, block 7, check "other". After "other", post advance.
3 Soldier Provide reason for request and justification for approval (DA Form 31, block 17).
4 Soldier Include following statement in request: "I understand that advance leave changes to excess leave on the date of separation, reenlistment, or entry into an extension of enlistment. I further understand that excess leave is without pay and allowances. This includes entitlement to physical disability retired pay should I become disabled while in an excess leave status".
5 Soldier Forward request to unit commander.
6 Unit Review and ensure request meets criteria in paragraph 4-5 AR 600-8-10.
7 CDR Approve or disapprove request if request is for less than 30 days.
8 Unit Forward requests for advance leave of 31+ days to AHRC (TAPC-PDO-PO) recommending approval, or grant 30 days and forward request to AHRC (TAPC-PDO-PO), recommending approval, for the remainder of leave that exceeds 30 days. (See note 1.)
9 Unit Prepare memorandum attaching a photo copy of DA Form 31 for requests of 31+ days to begin in 30+ days. Provide recommendation for approval POC, DSN telephone number, and explain any unclear circumstances. (See note 2.)
10 Unit Prepare electronic message to AHRC (TAPC-PDO-PO) for requests of 31+ days to begin in less than 30 days, include reason for the request, recommendation for approval, POC, DSN telephone number, and explain any unclear circumstances. (See note 3.)
11 Unit Follow leave processing procedures for approved leave requests in paragraphs 12-1 and 12-3 AR 600-8-10.
12 BNS1 Receive leave request from unit and follow processing procedures in paragraphs 12-1 and 12-5 AR 600-8-10.


  1. Do not grant partial approval if soldier cannot accomplish purpose for which advance leave is being granted without the approval of the Commanding General, AHRC, for the remainder of leave.
  2. Address for memorandum: Commander, AHRC, ATTN:TAPC-PDO-PO 200 Stoval Street, ALEX VA 22332-0474.
  3. Message address: CDR AHRC, ALEX VA//TAPC-PDO-PO//


Reference: AR 600-8-10 Leaves and Passes