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Skill Levels 2-4

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» 805C-PAD-2407 (SL2) - Recommend Disciplinary Action for a Soldier
Standards: Verified act occurred, determined if conduct was a violation, prepared and submitted recommendation.

» 805C-PAD-2461 (SL2) - Maintain Accountability of Personnel (Status Report)
Standards: Status report accounted for all assigned/attached personnel.

» 805C-PAD-2472 (SL2) - Prepare a Duty Roster
Standards: Prepared a DA Form 6 for each duty requirement, listed all eligible soldiers, posted only days on which a detail was required.

» 805C-PAD-2503 (SL2) - Enforce Compliance with the Army's Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment Policies
Standards: Demonstrated personal behavior and leadership consistent with the Army's Equal Opportunity (EO) and Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) policies. Enforced compliance with the Army's EO, POSH, and the Army's extremist activities policies.

» 805C-PAD-3147 (SL3) - Prepare the Senior Rater's Portion of a Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report (NCOER)
Standards: All elements of the senior rater portion of the NCOER were completed with comments entered in bullet style, and justification entered where required.

» 805C-PAD-3238 (SL3) - Enforce the Equal Opportunity Program
Standards: Demonstrated personal behavior and leadership consistent with the EO and sexual harassment policies. Enforced compliance with the Army EO, sexual harassment, and the Army extremist activities policies.

» 805C-PAD-3594 (SL3) - Store Classified Information and Materials
Standards: Classified information and materials were placed in appropriate storage containers.

» 805C-PAD-4359 (SL4) - Manage Soldier's Deployment Requirements
Standards: Performed initial deployment activities to include verification of section/platoon roster, recall/alert roster, individual SRP packets and load plan.

» 805C-PAD-4550 (SL4) - Prepare a Standing Operating Procedure (SOP)
Standards: SOP identified purpose, distribution, and references, and was in proper format. SOP had proper security classification marks applied (if applicable) and was properly authenticated.

» 805C-PAD-4597 (SL4) - Integrate Newly Assigned Soldiers
Standards: Established personnel accountability. Provided soldiers with health and welfare items, initial area orientations, and special orders (if required.) Verified soldier qualification, assigned soldiers to duty positions, informed commander, and conducted initial counseling.

» 850-001-2000 (SL2) - Employ Accident Prevention Measures and Risk Management Process
Standards: Made an oral or written report that correctly identified the hazards associated with the mission or task, the level of risk for each identified hazard, and the initial overall level of risk.

» 850-001-3001 (SL3) - Control Mission Safety Hazard
Standards: Verified that a risk assessment had been conducted, controls had been developed and properly implemented, the overall risk level for the mission or task was acceptable, and that the controls were effectively monitored.

» 850-001-4001 (SL4) - Integrate Risk Management into Mission Plans
Standards: Completed all sections of the risk management worksheet.

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