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Skill Levels 2-4

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» 224-176-2426 (SL2) - Enforce Compliance with Media Ground Rules
Standards: Identified the steps for enforcing media ground rules.

» 301-371-1052 (SL3) - Protect Classified Information and Material
Standards: Safeguarded classified information and material to prevent unauthorized disclosure 100 percent of the time.

» 301-371-1150 (SL3) - Identify Intelligence and Electronic Warfare (IEW) Assets
Standards: Identified the types of intelligence and electronic warfare (IEW) support available and how they were integrated into the combined arms team.

» 301-371-1200 (SL2) - Process Captured Materiel
Standards: Secured captured enemy materiel. Prepared a spot report on captured enemy materiel known or believed to be of intelligence value. Filled out and attached tag to the item of captured enemy materiel. Selected correct disposition procedure for each item of captured enemy materiel.

» 331-202-1050 (SL2) - Enforce Compliance with the Code of Conduct
Standards: Demonstrated knowledge of the six articles of the Code of Conduct by establishing and sustaining a chain of command, good discipline, and a means of communications. Provided positive moral, ethical leadership and direction on how to survive, evade, resist, and escape in accordance with the guidelines established in the Code of Conduct.

» 441-091-3000 (SL3) - Supervise the Implementation of Air Defense Measures
Standards: Established and directed unit air defense posture. Ensured 100 percent use of available passive defense measures. Planned for employment of all available individual and crew-served weapons capable of being directed against enemy air threats. Ensured hostile targets engaged were destroyed, neutralized, or suppressed.

» 551-721-4326 (SL4) - Perform Duties as Convoy Commander
Standards: Ensured that personnel were briefed on convoy operations; there were ample vehicles and personnel to transport cargo; all support elements were informed of the date and time of the convoy; all orders were brief and to the point; proper reconnaissance was carried out; and vehicles were correctly lined up according to cargo, size, and use.

» 551-88M-0001 (SL3) - Lead a Convoy Serial/March Unit
Standards: Planned and conducted a motor transport convoy over a designated route that enabled the convoy to reach the SP and RP at the times prescribed in the convoy clearance. The convoy arrived safely at its destination with minimum loss or damage to vehicles, equipment, physical surroundings, or personnel.

» 551-88N-0002 (SL2) - Prepare for Unit Move
Standards: Prepared the unit for movement using the necessary references (vehicle -10s) and equipment to deliver vehicles and equipment to arrive at the port of debarkation with no loss of vehicles or equipment (operational and ready for combat).

» 551-88N-0003 (SL3) - Plan Unit Move
Standards: Planned a unit movement using the necessary references (vehicle ?10s) and equipment to deliver vehicles and equipment to arrive safely at the port of debarkation with no loss of vehicles, equipment, or personnel.

» 805C-PAD-2044 (SL2) - Recommend Individual for Award
Standards: Prepared a DA Form 638 and included personal data, recommended award, and justification (achievement) entered in bullet format. Forwarded the DA Form 638 to the commander of the individual.

» 805C-PAD-2060 (SL2) - Report Casualties
Standards: Recorded all known data elements accurately and legibly on DA Form 1156 and DA Form 1155, without error.

» 805C-PAD-2145 (SL2) - Counsel a Soldier on the Contents of a Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report and NCOER Checklist
Standards: Conducted initial performance counseling within 30 days of the NCO's assignment, conducted quarterly performance counseling thereafter, or as performance warranted. Maintained counseling record on DA Form 2166?8-1.

» 805C-PAD-2146 (SL2) - Prepare the Rater's Portion of a Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report
Standards: Completed all elements of the rater's portion of the NCOER without error.

» 805C-PAD-2402 (SL2) - Provide Input on Personnel Actions Affecting Subordinates
Standards: Determined soldier's eligibility and potential for promotion, assignments, education/training, and career. Counseled soldier on actions required to maintain or obtain eligibility for appropriate personnel action. Provided recommendation/input to commander on personnel action. Provided commander with any change in previous recommendation/input as required.

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