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Skill Levels 2-4

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» 101-92Y-0006 (SL2) - Inspect Equipment for Accountability, Cleanliness, and Serviceability
Standards: Ensured all equipment was inspected, and accounted for in accordance with AR 710-2, AR 735-5, DA PAM 710-2-1, and applicable equipment publications.

» 101-CLT-0198 (SL4) - Supervise Tactical Feeding Operation
Standards: Supervised personnel in a tactical environment at a field kitchen site and set realistic and attainable goals. Clearly delegated tasks and evaluated performance. Completed all performance measures accurately to ensure that the feeding mission was completed on time.

» 151-357-0001 (SL4) - Supervise CSS Functions During Platoon Operations
Standards: Ensured the proper accountability of personnel, the control of the platoon health procedures, the verification of financial readiness, the control of supply accountability and LOGPAC procedures, and the control of the platoon's movement. Task was performed in accordance with current doctrine and unit SOP.

» 151-357-0002 (SL4) - Coordinate Combat Service Support (CSS) Operations
Standards: Prioritized support requirements, identified logistical capabilities (including medical), determined logistical planning considerations, and listed the roles and responsibilities of assigned personnel. These duties were performed in accordance with established directives, current doctrine, and local SOP and applied to Force XXI and AOE.

» 159-200-2020 (SL4) - Integrate Threat Capabilities into Mission Planning.
Standards: Correctly identified global threats to the United States and its forces. Correctly identified threat capabilities for the specific tactical and operational situation. Integrated threat capabilities into all courses of action (COA) analysis and mission planning.

» 181-101-2023 (SL2) - Enforce the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
Standards: Understood that disciplinary action against a soldier for misconduct was a command responsibility. Understood the military justice system, including the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and the disciplinary options available to a commander. Identified potential violations of the UCMJ and expeditiously reported them to the appropriate authorities for investigation and processing.

» 181-101-4001 (SL4) - Conduct a Search/Seizure
Standards: Identified and understood the protections of the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution against unreasonable searches and seizures and its application in the U.S. Army. Identified and understood who was permitted to authorize a search; the search's legal basis, purpose, and scope; and permissible exceptions to the 4th Amendment. Identified and understood the differences between an inspection and a search.

» 181-105-2001 (SL2) - Enforce the Law of War and the Geneva and Hague Conventions
Standards: Identified, understood, and complied with the Law of War. Identified problems or situations that violated the policies and took appropriate action, including notifying appropriate authorities, so expedient action could be taken to correct the problem or situation.

» 181-105-2002 (SL2) - Conduct Combat Operations According to the Law of War
Standards: Conducted operations in accordance with the Law of War and employed actions to prevent violations of the Law of War.

» 191-378-4302 (SL3) - Form Squad-Size Riot Control Formations
Standards: Selected the best formation to control or disperse the crowd. Correctly formed the squad into the formation selected. Reassembled the squad from the formation after the crowd had been controlled or dispersed.

» 191-379-4407 (SL3) - Plan Convoy Security Operations
Standards: Developed a plan that included all required considerations for the specific mission, coordinated with appropriate units for required support, ensured that necessary equipment and supplies were available and operational, and prepared briefings for the security personnel on the mission and assigned specific duties. Ensured that 360-degree security was maintained from the point of origin to destination when escorting special weapons.

» 191-379-4408 (SL4) - Plan Security for a Command Post (CP)
Standards: Developed a security plan that included all required elements to detect the enemy and to defend the CP before the enemy could move within direct-fire range.

» 191-379-4425 (SL4) - Implement the Unit's Crime Prevention Program
Standards: Implemented the unit crime prevention program in accordance with the unit SOP and the installation crime prevention program.

» 191-379-4450 (SL3) - Supervise Handling of Enemy Personnel and Equipment at Squad Level
Standards: Ensured soldiers searched, segregated, silenced, speeded, safeguarded, and tagged (5 Ss and T) EPWs according to FM 3-19.40.

» 191-379-5400 (SL4) - Form the Platoon into a Riot Control Formation
Standards: Issued the correct commands and made on-the-spot corrections to ensure that the platoon correctly executed and formed into one of the following three formations: 1. Platoon line, platoon line with one squad in general support, platoon line with one squad in lateral support, and platoon line with one squad in close support. 2. Platoon echelon, right (or left); platoon echelon, right (or left) with one squad in general support; platoon echelon, right (or left) with one squad in lateral support; and platoon echelon, right (or left) with one squad in close support. 3. Platoon wedge, platoon wedge with one squad in general support, platoon wedge with one squad in lateral support, and platoon wedge with one squad in close support. Reassembled the platoon from a riot control formation.

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