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Skill Levels 2-4

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» 071-430-0028 (SL3) - Consolidate a Unit
Standards: Consolidated the unit (squad or platoon) in the defense following enemy contact.

» 071-430-0029 (SL3) - Reorganize a Unit
Standards: Reorganized the unit (squad, platoon, or mortar section) in the defense following enemy contact.

» 071-720-0015 (SL3) - Conduct an Area Reconnaissance by a Platoon
Standards: Satisfactorily performed the following within the time specified by the commander: 1. Organized the platoon into the command, reconnaissance, and security elements needed to accomplish the mission. 2. Conducted a reconnaissance using the surveillance or vantage-point method. 3. Obtained and reported information about the terrain and enemy within the specified area. 4. Entered and left the target area without being detected by the enemy.

» 081-831-0101 (SL2) - Request Medical Evacuation
Standards: Transmitted a MEDEVAC request, providing all necessary information within 25 seconds. Transmitted, as a minimum, line numbers 1 through 5 during the initial contact with the evacuation unit. Transmitted lines 6 through 9 while the aircraft or vehicle was en route, if not included during initial contact.

» 081-831-1047 (SL4) - Supervise the Implementation of Preventive Medicine Policies
Standards: Ensured soldiers applied PMMs, as appropriate, to protect against cold, heat, biting insects, diarrhea and dysentery, hearing loss, skin infections, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), and foot problems. Ensured soldiers practiced good oral hygiene and properly disposed of waste. Ensured that the Army tobacco use policies were applied.

» 081-831-1054 (SL2) - Evacuate Casualties
Standards: Transported the casualties to medical aid or a pickup site using an appropriate carry or, if other soldiers are available, by litter. The litter was loaded onto a military vehicle (ground vehicle or rotary-wing aircraft) without dropping or causing further injury to the casualty.

» 081-831-1055 (SL4) - Ensure Unit Combat Lifesaver Requirements Are Met
Standards: Conducted the combat lifesaver program in accordance with AR 350-1, paragraph 4-12 and subcourse IS0826.

» 081-831-9000 (SL2) - Implement Preventive Medicine Measures
Standards: Briefed personnel on the three reasons soldiers are vulnerable to disease. Trained personnel on the seven major components of the medical threat to field forces. Trained soldiers on the seven individual preventive medicine measures necessary to prevent disease and nonbattle injuries. Taught the Army's tobacco use policies. Ensured selected unit personnel received field sanitation team training on the team's eight areas of responsibility.

» 091-CLT-3009 (SL4) - Supervise Maintenance Operations
Standards: Established and maintained an effective maintenance shop operation in accordance with SOPs and applicable references.

» 091-CLT-4029 (SL2) - Supervise Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services
Standards: Ensured maintenance status of assigned equipment was reported and personnel were trained in the proper procedures for conducting preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) and in accordance with the appropriate references.

» 101-92Y-0001 (SL4) - Supervise Supply Activities
Standards: Attained and maintained 100 percent accountability of all supplies, equipment, and supply records assigned to your activity. Ensured all organizational supply needs were met in the correct quantities, at the appropriate place and time.

» 101-92Y-0002 (SL3) - Plan Tactical Re-Supply Operations
Standards: Developed a service support plan/order for tactical resupply operations in accordance with FM 101-5.

» 101-92Y-0003 (SL2) - Enforce Compliance with Supply Discipline Procedures
Standards: Enforced the CSDP in accordance with AR 710-2 and AR 735-5.

» 101-92Y-0004 (SL2) - Enforce Property Accountability Policies
Standards: Ensured all property was accounted for in accordance with AR 25-400-2, AR 710-2, AR 735-5, DA Pam 25-30, and DA Pam 710-2-1.

» 101-92Y-0005 (SL2) - Enforce Compliance with Property Accountability Policies
Standards: Enforced property administration in units and maintained property accountability in accordance with Army and DOD Regulations.

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