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Skill Levels 2-4

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» 071-326-3013 (SL3) - Conduct a Tactical Road March
Standards: Within the time allowed in your warning order, planned, organized, and conducted a tactical road march from one point to an assembly area, and secured the assembly area.

» 071-326-5502 (SL2) - Issue a Fragmentary Order
Standards: Developed and issued a clear and brief FRAGO based on changes in the mission or additional information. Issued the FRAGO in the standard OPORD format.

» 071-326-5503 (SL2) - Issue a Warning Order
Standards: Developed a warning order and issued it to subordinate leaders within the time allotted. The order was issued so all subordinate leaders understood their missions and any coordinating instructions. Issued the warning order in the standard OPORD format.

» 071-326-5704 (SL2) - Supervise Construction of a Fighting Position
Standards: Ensured that the initial preparation was accomplished for each fighting position and that the completed position provided cover, concealment, and fields of fire.

» 071-326-5705 (SL2) - Establish an Observation Post
Standards: Selected a location for an observation post (OP) that provided observation of the avenues of approach, was within small-arms range of the element, and offered adequate cover and concealment. Established communication between the OP and the platoon leader or squad leader.

» 071-326-5775 (SL4) - Coordinate with an Adjacent Platoon
Standards: Coordinated with the adjacent platoon-size elements for offensive and defensive operations to ensure mutually supporting positions, fires, and signals.

» 071-326-5805 (SL3) - Conduct a Route Reconnaissance Mission
Standards: Planned and conducted a route reconnaissance well enough to- Organize the platoon to conduct the reconnaissance mission. Use movement techniques appropriate for the likelihood of enemy contact. Obtain necessary information concerning the conditions, obstacles, critical terrain features, and enemy along the assigned route.

» 071-329-1019 (SL2) - Use a Map Overlay
Standards: Positioned overlay correctly on the map and identified all graphic symbols and information on the overlay.

» 071-332-5000 (SL3) - Prepare an Operation Overlay
Standards: Within the specified time, identified the overlay by map reference data, effective date, and purpose. The overlay contained classification markings and downgrading instructions, if applicable and distribution instructions and authentication, if distributed separately. Prepared overlay in accordance with overlay techniques outlined in FM 101?5?1, with boundaries and unit locations plotted to within 50 meters, and tactics and fire support measures to within 25 meters.

» 071-332-5021 (SL3) - Prepare a Situation Map
Standards: Included the following elements on the situation map: 1. Military symbols (must be in accordance with FM 101-5-1). 2. Enemy situation (must be depicted in red or with double lines). 3. Control measures. 4. Location of the command post and/or command group. 5. Location of all maneuver elements. 6. Location of reserves.

» 071-410-0012 (SL3) - Conduct Occupation of an Assembly Area
Standards: Moved unit to the location specified in the company order. Ensured preparation of the assigned sector was completed in the time specified in the order. Positioned elements, weapons, and observation posts in a manner that supported the company plan for occupation of the assembly area.

» 071-410-0019 (SL3) - Control Organic Fires
Standards: Assigned sectors of fire for each individual and crew-served weapon; issued a priority of target engagement appropriate for each weapon system; informed all personnel of current rules of engagement (ROE); and implemented procedures to engage threat targets in your area of responsibility in a timely manner, with the appropriate weapon system, and without causing injury or death to friendly personnel.

» 071-420-0021 (SL3) - Conduct a Movement to Contact by a Platoon
Standards: Developed a plan that included objectives, routes, key terrain, fire support, formations, and other required control measures. Included in the preparations the cleaning and test firing of weapons, maintenance of vehicles and equipment, and the resupply of ammunition or needed equipment. Made contact with the threat with the smallest possible element. Developed the situation by controlling movement and fires. Submitted situation reports as required.

» 071-430-0002 (SL2) - Conduct a Defense by a Squad
Standards: Accomplished preparation of a defensive position within the time specified in the platoon leader's order while maintaining security, camouflage, and concealment. Designated fighting positions for squad members. Designated alternate and supplementary positions for squad members. Ensured all squad members followed assigned priority of work. Maintained security. Continued work as rapidly as possible. Maintained camouflage and concealment (to include noise, light, and litter discipline). Constructed positions properly.

» 071-430-0006 (SL4) - Conduct a Defense by a Platoon
Standards: The threat was engaged in accordance with the defensive plan, fires were controlled, terrain was retained, and the threat was destroyed or repelled.

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