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191-379-4450 (SL3) - Supervise Handling of Enemy Personnel and Equipment at Squad Level

Standards: Ensured soldiers searched, segregated, silenced, speeded, safeguarded, and tagged (5 Ss and T) EPWs according to FM 3-19.40.

Conditions: You are a squad leader in a field environment, given a squad of soldiers, DD Form 2745, and enemy prisoners of war (EPWs) with equipment and weapons.

Standards: Ensured soldiers searched, segregated, silenced, speeded, safeguarded, and tagged (5 Ss and T) EPWs according to FM 3-19.40.

Performance Steps

1.   Search captives.

a. Thoroughly search each captive and confiscate any weapons, ammunition, military equipment, and items with intelligence value and record on DD Form 2745.

Note. Any weapons or ammunition that are impractical to retain should be destroyed in place after recording what the items were.

b. Allow captives to keep personal property (except items that could be used as weapons or that could have intelligence value) of nominal or sentimental value, such as wedding rings.  Personal property also includes chemical protective equipment (if in a chemical environment or a potential chemical environment), helmets, and identification cards. Allow the EPW/civilian internee (CI) to retain his own rations in the early stages of captivity.

Note.  Conduct same gender searches when possible; however, this may not always be possible due to speed and security considerations. Therefore, mixed gender searches must be performed in a respectful manner using all possible measures to prevent any action that could be interpreted as sexual molestation or assault. The squad leader must carefully control soldiers doing mixed gender searches to prevent allegations of sexual misconduct.  This does not mean the search will not be thorough, as the safety of you and your soldiers comes first.

2.   Segregate captives.

a. Segregate by rank (officers, noncommissioned officers [NCOs], or enlisted), sex (male and female), civilian and military and, when possible, nationalities and/or ideologies.

b. Segregate captives who surrendered willingly or who deserted from those who resisted capture.

c. Segregate captives who cannot be readily identified as belonging to one of the above listed groups.

d. Segregate captives who do not provide the information needed to make a correct classification, until their status can be determined.

3.   Ensure that each captive has DD Form 2745.

a. Ensure that the form contains the following:

(1)  Date and time of the capture.

(2)  Grid coordinates of the capture.

(3)  Capturing unit.

(4)  Circumstances of the capture.

b. Use either DD Form 2745 or a locally produced three-part form.  Figure 191-379-4450-1 shows what the form looks like.  Instructions for the use of this form are on the reverse side of the form.

(1)  Place part A of the form on the captive and instruct him not to remove or alter it.

(2)  Place part C of the form on the bag or bundle of property taken from the captive.

(3)  Maintain part B of the form, as you are the capturing unit.


Figure 191-379-4450-1. Sample of DD Form 2745  


4.   Report the acquisition of captives through your chain of command.

5.   Safeguard each captive until they are released to the military police (MP).

6.   Evacuate captives to the rear and turn them over to the MP as soon as possible. Do not delay evacuation to obtain name, rank, service number, or date of birth.

a. Ensure that you receive receipts from the MP for the captives transferred to them.

b. Give items taken from the captives (for security and/or intelligence reasons) to the MP, ensuring that each item is tagged by the MP to identify the owner.

Evaluation Preparation:

Setup: Position soldiers to perform the mission. Have one or more soldiers to act as EPWs. Provide weapons and equipment for the role players.

Brief Soldier: Tell the squad leader to instruct the soldiers on what they are to do and have the soldiers actually perform the steps necessary to complete the task. Tell the captive that he needs to follow instructions. Tell the soldiers acting as the squad not to continue to the next step until they are told to do so by the squad leader.

Performance Measures



1.   Searched captives.



2.   Segregated captives.



3.   Ensured that each captive had DD Form 2745.



4.   Reported the acquisition of captives through the chain of command.



5.   Safeguarded each captive until they were released to the MP.



6.   Evacuated captives to the rear and turned them over to the MP as soon as possible.



Evaluation Guidance: Score the soldier GO if all performance measures are passed. Score the soldier NO GO if any performance measure is failed. If the soldier fails any performance measure, show him how to do it correctly.






AR 190-8



DD Form 2745



FM 3-19.40