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Land Nav Task 11 - Orient a Map to the Ground by Map-Terrain Association

Standards: Oriented the map to within 30 degrees of north.

Conditions: Given a standard 1:50,000-scale military map in the field in daylight.

Standards: Oriented the map to within 30 degrees of north.


Performance Steps

1.   Match terrain features appearing on the map with physical features on the ground (figure C-34).

Figure C-34. Features used to orient map


a. Hold the map in a horizontal position.

b. Line up features on the ground with those on the map.

2.   Check orientations obtained by this method by placing a compass along one of the north-south grid lines to keep from orienting the map in the wrong direction (that is, 180 degrees out) or by aligning two or more features. Incorporate the declination constant in determining the 30 degrees.

Evaluation Preparation: 

Setup: Use an area of terrain with identifiable terrain features, natural and/or man-made. Provide a field table and a 1:50,000-scale map of the area.

Brief Soldier: Tell the soldier to use the terrain features around him or her, the soldier must orient the map to within 30 degrees of north.

Performance Measures



1.   Matched terrain features by holding map in horizontal position and lining up features on the ground.



2.   Checked orientations.



Evaluation Guidance:  Score the soldier GO if all performance measures are passed. Score the soldier NO GO if any performance measure is failed. If the soldier scores NO GO, show the soldier what was done wrong and how to do it correctly.






FM 3-25.26