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Skill Level 1

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» 071-329-1030 (SL1) - Navigate from One Point on the Ground to Another Point While Mounted
Standards: Directed the driver to the designated point(s) at a rate of nine kilometers per hour using terrain association and dead reckoning.

» 071-331-0804 (SL1) - Perform Surveillance without the Aid of Electronic Devices
Standards: Identified 50 percent of the enemy soldiers and vehicles within field of view using proper surveillance techniques.

» 071-331-0815 (SL1) - Practice Noise, Light, and Litter Discipline
Standards: Ensured that noise was kept at a minimum; no light was visible to the enemy; the area was free of litter and other evidence of the unit's presence.

» 071-331-1004 (SL1) - Perform Duty as a Guard
Standards: Performed duty according to general orders, special orders, and local implementing SOPs.

» 071-410-0002 (SL1) - React to Direct Fire While Mounted
Standards: The vehicle returned fire and took appropriate action after analysis of the situation based on an order received from the chain of command.

» 071-710-0006 (SL1) - Plan Use of Night Vision Devices
Standards: Made a plan that designated who would operate night vision devices and what, where, and when they would do so.

» 071-730-0014 (SL1) - Identify Combat Vehicles
Standards: Identified combat vehicles by actual nomenclature.

» 081-831-1000 (SL1) - Evaluate a Casualty
Standards: Evaluated the casualty following the correct sequence. All injuries and/or conditions were identified. The casualty was immobilized if a neck or back injury was suspected.

» 081-831-1003 (SL1) - Perform First Aid to Clear an Object Stuck in the Throat of a Conscious Casualty
Standards: Cleared the object from the casualty's throat. Gave abdominal or chest thrusts until the casualty could talk and breathe normally, the soldier was relieved by a qualified person, or the casualty became unconscious requiring mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

» 081-831-1005 (SL1) - Perform First Aid to Prevent or Control Shock
Standards: Attempted to prevent a casualty from going into shock by correctly positioning the casualty, loosening binding clothes, calming and reassuring, and providing shade from direct sunlight during hot weather, or covering to prevent body heat loss during cold weather. Did not cause further injury to the casualty.

» 081-831-1007 (SL1) - Perform First Aid for Burns
Standards: Gave first aid for a burn without causing further injury to the casualty. Eliminated the source of the burn, if necessary. Applied a field dressing lightly over the burn. The sides of the dressing were sealed and the dressing did not slip.

» 081-831-1008 (SL1) - Perform First Aid for Heat Injuries
Standards: Recognized the type of heat injury and gave appropriate first aid.

» 081-831-1025 (SL1) - Perform First Aid for an Open Abdominal Wound
Standards: Applied a dressing to the wound following the correct sequence without causing further injury to the casualty. The dressing was secure and protected the wound without putting pressure on the bowel.

» 081-831-1026 (SL1) - Perform First Aid for an Open Chest Wound
Standards: Applied a dressing to the wound following the correct sequence, without causing further injury to the casualty. The wound was properly sealed and the dressing was firmly secured without interfering with breathing.

» 081-831-1032 (SL1) - Perform First Aid for Bleeding of an Extremity
Standards: Controlled bleeding from the wound following the correct sequence. Placed a field dressing over the wound with the sides of the dressing sealed so it did not slip. Checked to ensure the field and pressure dressing did not have a tourniquet-like effect. Applied a tourniquet to stop profuse bleeding not stopped by the dressings, or for missing arms and legs.

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