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Boot Camp Diary #1

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» BCT Day 51
Last night kicked ass. DS Boston gave us two and a half hours of personal time. He let us go to bed as early as 1930. I had two pairs of boots to shine, but I was sleeping by 2130. I got seven hours of sleep. For being such a hard ass, DS Boston does cool stuff for us. He wanted us to be well rested for this morning's final PT test of basic.

» BCT Day 52
End of Cycle Testing day. I passed everything on my first try. Army testing is NOT anything like college testing. We are given exactly what will be on the test weeks prior to testing. Then, for a few days before the test, we practice and study. When you take the test, if you're struggling on something but trying, the tester will pretty much tell you exactly what to do.

» BCT Day 53
Woo hoo! Another Sunday is here. That means I slept under the covers last night since it's linen turn-in and dreamt about my girl. It means I'll eat cake, I'll write letters, and I might get a phone call and/or trip to the PX.

» BCT Day 54
We're all set and ready for the next four days. Everyone is complaining about how sore they are from the smoking session two days ago. Believe me, I'm NO exception. I'm more sore than yesterday. Why is it that muscles don't hurt until a few days after working out?

» BCT Day 55
We did night vision at night. We just walked a little with night vision goggles. Everything looked green. Alienrific. Sleeping sucked. Very uncomfortable. I'm too lazy to take out my sleeping bag. I slept with Isabella and at least 100 species of bugs.

» BCT Day 56
Last day of FTX. I'm pulling security right now. It's done a lot during FTX. It's nothing but sitting or laying quietly waiting for the enemy. It gives me much needed rest.

» BCT Day 57
Man it feels good to be back to civilization. We're back in the barracks, turning all our **** in. I am done with training. I am a soldier.

» BCT Day 58
Another day is one more day closer to family day. Five more to go. Last night sucked, courtesy of DS Boston. First, he knows damn well we've gone a week without mail, yet he still didn't hand it out. So if anyone had a question for me, you will not get my reply on time. And second, he made the entire platoon stay up all night, each squad pulling a two hour shift. We had to keep cleaning the crap we have to turn in. I still managed to get decent sleep, but that's because I sacrificed a shower, flossing, changing clothes, and shining boots. Sometimes you have to sort your priorities and sleep was my priority.

» BCT Day 59
Five more days and I'll be through. Another long cleaning day is ahead. What that means for you is another boring diary entry is imminent.

» BCT Day 60
Yay. Last Sunday up in this biatch. I've been busy, so it has gone quickly. I spent the whole time between breakfast and lunch making my boots bling bling for family day. It's amazing the detail you can get into when you don't have anything else to do. I spent three hours on the boots. I ought to try to use free time to accomplish something from now on. When I'm home, I waste my free time when I could be doing something. What that something is, I don't know. Maybe I'll make a sculpture out of my belly button lint. Or I can watch TV. Yeah that sounds a lot better.

» BCT Day 61
Man, I'm in a good mood. In two days it's family day. Today is the inspection. We'll be busy getting our barracks to look good. That's the last thing we have to do. I took care of my personal area yesterday, so today I'll help with big stuff like the floor. Hey! Korn is on the radio. What a happy day it is.

» BCT Day 62
Sigh. Two days left. Tomorrow is family day. Tomorrow! I feel like I've been gone for so long. Over two months. Too long.

» BCT Day 63
Will write tomorrow. Very good day, but busy packing. No time for correct sentences.

» BCT Day 64
Yesterday was one of the most, if not the most anticipated days of my 20 year life. I saw my people for the first time in ten and a half weeks.

» BCT Day 65/AIT Day 1
0048 hours. We are sitting with all our bags packed. We leave in three hours. It is great to be leaving basic training.

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