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Boot Camp Diary #1

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» BCT Day 5
Today was a very easy day. Basic has turned out easier than I expected. All I have to do is listen to the drill sergeant and shut my mouth. Also, follow directions carefully and don't do anything they don't tell you to do.

» BCT Day 6
Let's see...Today we got to hold a dummy M16 A2 rifle. It's made to specifications of a real rifle, but they don't trust us with real heat yet.

» BCT Day 7
Basic training started to get fun today. We went on a teamwork development course where we had to negotiate puzzles as a group. We had to build bridges, carry a dummy over a pit using ropes, scale a wall, and other things.

» BCT Day 8
Today was a busy, busy day. We were issued our two most important pieces of equipment: gas mask and M16 rifle, baby. We went to a class in the morning about proper wear of the mask.

» BCT Day 9
Today we had a class on army radio communication. Easy stuff. After that, we had our first real road march. This one was 3 kilometers. We walked by a graduation of BCT. I saw parents, girlfriends, families, people my age in normal clothes, etc. It made me realize more that I miss all of you.

» BCT Day 10
No mail call last night. We had mail call today, but our platoon's box was empty. ??? I don't know how mail works around here, but it's a ****** up system. D.S. says there should be a large amount of mail on Monday. We'll see.

» BCT Day 11
Sunday, Sunday, relaxin' Sunday. I'm laying on my bunk relaxing, my stomach's full of pancakes, and I'm getting ready to go to my religious service.

» BCT Day 12
Today was fun. We went repelling. That means we used rope to jump down a 35 foot vertical wall. Before we could get up there, we had to make a harness, or seat, out of rope.

» BCT Day 13
We finally did some PT today. GASP! We ran a mile and did some elevated diamond push-ups. Sound painful? It is. I'm gonna be a buff ************ though. After that, I was volunteered to go help a sergeant.

» BCT Day 14
The PT continues. They're seriously trying to get us into shape before our next PT test, which is soon.

» BCT Day 15
Today was the funnest day so far. We marched to a bad ass obstacle course. For four hours, I was hanging from ropes, being held upside down, climbing walls and ladders, bouncing on logs, crawling under barbed wire(that wasn't so cool), using soldiers as ladders to get over obstacles, and many other things.

» BCT Day 16
The start of week three. One more week of red phase. Then it's three of white, and the last three are blue. With each phase we get more free time and privileges. Today was another fun day. I chocked someone out. We learned hand to hand combat.

» BCT Day 17
Today was the first day so far in basic that went at a snail's pace. It's only 1500 and I'm ready to go to bed and sleep until tomorrow. The reason why it's going so slow is that there's nothing planned on today's schedule.

» BCT Day 18
Another Sunday. Three down, seven to go. Today is another nothing day like yesterday. I'm gonna go to my religious service later, eat three times, and hope for phone time. And always on Sundays, I got dirty drawers to take care of.

» BCT Day 19
No personal time today. I had to do 50 push ups for not having my boots shined. They looked shiny to me. Oh well.

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